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In an attempt to use latest tool applicable to educational technology, Mindtube Educom, has introduced Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA) This is an attempt to use modern technology in biometry to help parents, teachers educational planners and the pupils, to utilize their innate potential. This is a one-time analysis of innate ability, as reflected in the uniqueness of the fingerprints.

The DMIA study and research has adequate scientific evidence, it is hoped that individual differences, multiple intelligence and broad learning style can be identified, codified and applied in the practice of teaching-learning. A onetime medical Examination cannot reveal as much as one-time biometric academic analysis.

We want to assure Teachers, Parents base report will be used as the foundation of longitudinal record of child's development through his academics and career building. We also focus on training and counselling session for teachers it would help them enhance the skills like gross motors & fine motors, Cognitive learning, Logical and other modern tools to help children to grow faster and better way once we succeed in recognising their innate potential.

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