Who we are

Our Highlights

A significant change in kids’ education over the last decade proves how important is to focus on your kids multiple intelligence and identifying their inborn talent, We at Mindtube Educom help you identifying it by dermatoglyphic test, you will know about your kid’s inborn talent and their brain development.

A happy mindset begins with the patent journey of how well one carries himself and not through the sudden shiver of public speaking or a realization of limited confidence or the huddle to get through the grammatical obstruct. Mindtube Educom is a learning platform for the overall development of kids 4 years to 15 years by inculcating the personality development skills through the medium of English Grammar, Music and dance Mid brain Activation, brain gym activities.

Team of Mindtube

We have a highly dedicated and hardworking team of personnel who are utilizing their present to shape the future of the kids. We all love kids and thus our job is our passion. Our team consists of 20 people from various professions including entrepreneurs, marketing, finance, sales, etc. Some of our team members are also parents and have developed this platform after realizing the gap in the market, between the need and existence of such courses. Also, to keep ourselves in your shoes, we have tested the course on our own kids as well to judge the effect, which filled us with joy. And we decided to share our joy with you.

About Mindtube

We have two main objectives :

Overall development of the kids, by focusing on 5 intelligences, Picture Smart, Word Smart, Logic Smart, Self-Smart, and Multiple Intelligences.

Turning classrooms into playrooms, by making learning fun through club-like activities and constructive curriculum.