Brain Gym Workshop

MID Brain

Mid brain Improves Behaviour, Improves Academic Performance, Improves Focus & Concentration, Promoteinner Peace, Improves Handeling Stress and Relaxation, Decreases Worries And Anxities.

Telekinesis & Telepathy

Build Confidence Level, Decreases Shyness, Improves Social Skills, Build power to take initiate, Develops Ability to handle peer pressure, Enrich Institution (Proper Decisions).

Rubik Solving Method

Improves Logical intelligence, Develop strong Imagination power, Develop right decision making Capacity, Increases Creativity, Improves Mathematical ability. Improves spatial awareness, Exercise the brain, Demonstrate the need for practice, Represent a pure example of true learning.


Develop good handwriting in kids, improve cocentratyion, helps them to be more artist and creative, increases their interest to learn more styles in future,since this is a unique learning, the kids would surely stand out in their peer group.

Photogenic Memory

Improves Recalling visual power, Photographic memory, benificial for academic and social life, Develop mental power, Helpful in improving personality.


Improves your memory, Enhances your imagination, Retrieves important information and Sensory Stimulation.

Vedic Math

Better calculation skills, Better logical and analytical skills, Remover Phobia of Mathematics, better understanding of mathematics in a very practical way, Improves mental calculation (Helpful for students who appear fot IIT,IAS, NTSE or Board Examinations etc).

Smart Mind Program

Smart brain training helps kids and adults to becomeexpert in range of critical cognitive skills, called Relational Skills. These are useful in our normal day-to day decision making and problem solving.