What is Braingym

  • “Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movements are two of the most effective and simple programmes I have come across to help improve everyone’s ability to learn with ease and success”.

    BRAIN GYM was created by PAUL DENNISON in 1970s. Brain gym comprises of some really easy body movements which helps to coax the two hemispheres of the brain while making them work in a synchronization. Brain gym exercises have helped thousands of people to overcome difficult challenges; and improve their academic performance, through increased concentration, awareness, self-experience and confidence. The benefits of brain gym exercises can be reaped by adults of all ages, but especially by children and students.

    Brain Gym is part of the Educational Kinesiology programme. Educational Kinesiology means “To draw out learning using movement”. It is an advanced and highly effective movement based programme that improves neural communication throughout the mind and body to help you access and achieve your highest potential in learning and any life skills. The programme is extremely successful and is enjoyed by everyone who uses it. Brain Gym is used in over 80 countries in Education, Business, Sport and the Performing arts with profound and lasting results.

    Brain Gym helps to improve neurological function so that areas of the brain are more strongly connected and accessible for any given task. The programme uses developmental movements and provides a level of immediate improvement. It is simple and fun for everyone from 8 years old and above.